The shape and core of the flush plate – the interface between the user and the cistern – have evolved by leaps and bounds, thanks to research and technological innovation. Over time, Pucci flush plates have become smaller and super thin, only 4.7 mm in thickness, which means they’re almost invisible. Our flush plates connect directly to the support block, making every installer’s job much easier. Then there’s the soft-touch revolution, with technology and glass merging to create a flush plate full of light. And for those who want to stand out with a plate like no other, there’s the plate on-demand, which is customised with the image or logo you choose and a wide range of colours. Technology, design, functionality, everything flows. But what about the old cisterns? No worries. There’s always a new flush plate that fits perfectly. Beautiful, environmentally friendly, thin, hi-tech, special... In one word: Pucci.