SINCE 1948

A little girl was playing with a ball
one day in 1948, when it suddenly fell into the washbasin and clogged the drain. That brief moment was the beginning of the long history of Pucci. It was the period of post-war reconstruction in Italy, a difficult time but also a time full of enthusiasm and energy. It was a time when new ideas were sprouting everywhere, especially in the traditional artisan crafts and trades. And it was when the world’s first-ever concealed toilet cistern, known simply as “the Pucci,” was invented. It’s all thanks to Dorino Marabese, the company’s founder, a man full of innovative ideas for transforming modern needs into successful products. That day, he had a flash of inspiration: he would use a small ball to control the flow of water inside the cistern. That first fully concealed cistern

was Pucci’s first great innovation, made of copper and utterly new in its mechanism of action. Pucci still offers a modernized version of that legendary cistern today, along with all the company’s signature innovative products and the original spare parts available for the entire range.

Times change, and Pucci changes
along with them. People’s habits change, and the products evolve to adapt to people’s needs.
Who would ever have believed
that we could operate
our devices with a simple “touch”?
Pucci supports sustainability
– as confirmed by the
Eco Matic award.

In these difficult times when close human contact, shared spaces, and shared devices have become problematic, Pucci has taken another step down the road of innovation and made a smart cistern even smarter: Sara Tronic is the first one equipped with an app and programmable via smartphone.

Pucci is officially a Historic Trademark of National Interest. But this doesn’t mean it’s time to rest on our laurels, however satisfying it may be - it’s a new starting point at a crucial time for our country.

An all-italian success story



Patent policy means investing in research and innovation, envisioning products that will become commonplace. In the early 1950s, Pucci invented and patented the world’s first concealed toilet cistern, a true turning point in the history of the product.


The Pucci concealed cistern, innovative both in structure and in materials, was showcased at the 1950 Fiera di Milano, and was an inspiration to every other manufacturer present. The same with the dual-button eco cistern, another Pucci patent, the first to allow for water saving in the beginning of the 1990s. Pucci’s patents have changed the history of the cistern, and of the modern bathroom itself!

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30 APRIL 1954

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