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A little girl is playing with her ball. Suddenly, the ball ends up in the washbasin and clogs the drain. It was 1948 when a small idea marked the beginning of Pucci, which has already celebrated its 70th anniversary. It all began in Italy during the post-war reconstruction, when the country was full of enthusiasm and life was going back to normal. It was a time in which new ideas sprouted out everywhere, especially in the tradition of arts and crafts. That’s when the first Pucci concealed toilet cistern was created. But let’s take a little step back to the little girl’s ball. Dorino Marabese – the founder of the company – was a man full of innovative ideas that transformed new needs into successful products. He was the one who came up with the idea of using a ball to control the water flow in the toilet cistern. The first concealed cistern was a copper Pucci, which stood out for its new material and new operation. For over 70 years, Pucci has been providing the modern version of that legendary cistern, in addition to other innovative products and original spare parts that have made history.
Pucci is unique in this too.

Pucci has grown, keeping its passion for work and innovation – the qualities of our founder, Dorino Marabese – unchanged over the years. We rely on strong work ethics, the importance of ideas, and the value of people to face competitive markets every day. Ours is a versatile and innovative company open to new ideas and cutting-edge technologies. We are perfectly aligned with the new ways of living the bathroom, the place dedicated to wellbeing par excellence, where technology, design, and environmental compatibility take centre stage. We help protect the environment while meeting the needs of users, collaborators, employees, and professionals. The “Pucci style” has become very popular, earning the trust of industry operators and the general public. We like to focus on even the smallest details. We have achieved brilliant results, but we keep striving for perfection, creating useful, high-quality and functional products. Pragmatic, determined, innovative, proactive, up-to-date, dynamic, loyal to its principles, ever-evolving...
All this is Pucci!

5 OCTOBER 1956
30 APRIL 1954
7 MAY 1954
30 JUNE 1956
13 MAY 1957

We presented our first concealed cistern at the Milan Trade Fair.


Having a patent policy means imagining products that will become of everyday use and investing in research and innovation. During the early ‘50s, Pucci invented and patented the first concealed toilet cistern, a true turning point in the history of this product. Pucci’s first concealed cistern – innovative in both its structure and materials – was unveiled at the Milan Trade Fair in 1950 and soon became a source of inspiration for all the other manufacturers. Many years later, during the early ‘90s, another Pucci patent – the eco cistern with dual flush plate – became a source of inspiration as the first water-saving cistern. Pucci’s patented models have made the history of modern bathroom fixtures!


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The compact and practical Pucci catalogue, where you can find all the latest products and in-depth descriptions, is now available. Currently, the latest Pucci products are at the centre of a campaign in industry publications focusing on the added value of having a 100% Italian product. Pucci is also on the web with editorials and banners in all major websites dedicated to the bathroom world.